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We were honest, that we told our customer the full price
We explained the installation
of the new glass block windows.
We did what we said we would,
We called the night before installation,
That they love their new glass block windows,
and that installing glass block,
was the best investment
they have made to their home!
Glass Blocks made their home warmer,
and they would recommend us to everyone!
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Lee and Debbie Giles / Owners

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Sasha K.-Cincinnati

Everything went smoothly!
Security Glass Block
will be my GO TO for all my jobs.

   Lee, the owner Security Glass Block, arrived on time for the estimate appointment. He explained what would be done to replace existing windows with glass block, and showed examples. Installer then arrived on time, and removed old windows and frames in basement and garage, installed new glass block windows with air vents and put masonry around windows and cleaned up. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience, and the price!
I know it will have to save me on energy costs, and keep us safe from intruders, because my basement windows were in such bad shape.

  Mr. & Mrs Lang - Hillsboro, Oh
  I had Security Glass Block remove 4 old basement windows and install glass block with air vents and a dryer vent. They also removed 3 large garage windows (70"x76") and replaced them with glass block. They are true craftsmen! They removed and installed perfectly.The installing of the glass block was painless. They look like they have always been a part of our home! I highly recommend!

  Joan- Dayton, Oh
  Great experience! Owner was on time for the no-obligation estimate, he explained the options clearly. Called the night before to remind me of appointment for installation. Installer did a beautiful job installing my new glass block windows, and cleaned up the mess. I did nothing but pay the bill. I have recommended them to others already.

  I needed 5 glass block windows, 4 with vents and 1 with a dryer vent. I called the company and Lee came out promptly for an estimate. Within a week they were here to install, the work was professionally done and the windows look fantastic! The basement was left cleaner than before they started! What  a great investment.

Hey Lee- I just want to drop you a line to let you know that me and Delbert are over the moon about our new windows! I am so glad that we went for it and did all 7 at once! Our old dank and dark-feeling basement is like a whole other house now. My husband has been so motivated to turn it into the basement we had always hoped for that we are currently working on new steps into basement from the Bilco door entrance and have priced paint for the walls! If you only knew what a big deal this is!! Please make sure that we get a sign in our front yard.....we are telling everyone we know about our new glass block windows! I have 6 brothers in the area all with homes of their own! Thank you, Toni G.  P.S. Your installer was very pleasant and courteous!

Professional Installed Glass Block makes a BIG difference.

  For the past 25 years I have installed and sold glass block windows... That's it.. I don't do roofs, siding, etc.etc. like all the "Handymen"- just Glass Block Windows. When you call Security Glass Block for your FREE no-obligation estimate, you talk to me directly.. Not a paid telephone operator, who is worried more about the clock than you.   If you're like me you are sick and tired of contractors telling you all they do, and how hard they work, then taking your deposit, and disappearing. Then you end up calling THEM to find out where they are, and when they can make it to your home.  Then you have to listen to all their excuses.  When you callus... I come out on time, measure your windows, give a no-obligation estimate price immediately, and you decide with no pressure. If you wish we will set up an install time (weather permitting.)  I'll call you the night before to remind you of your install time. We then will show up on time, and do what we told you we would do-- professionally install your glass block windows.
You will save on energy costs and keep intruders out!
Just give us a call, and we will do our best to do a good job for you.

 Thank you,

  Lee and Debbie Giles
/ Owners

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       Started by Pittsburgh Corning in the early 1950's called "glass bricks" or glass block tiles, they sure have come a long way.. From decorative shower walls with all kinds of designs, even incorporating color and lights, to crafts.. all sorts of creative designs can be achieved! In today's world the focus is on supplying the best pre-made glass block panels for your home, basement, bathroom, garage, or walls.   At Security Glass Block we now focus on glass block installation of Prefabricated basement, bathroom, and garage glass block window installation, made with silicone or mortar, with or without air vents, and dryer vents. We'll be glad to give you a no-hassle free estimate/quote, at the lowest price. So whether you live in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, or somewhere in-between give me a call and we will install your new block windows...airtight, with no more drafts. They will warm your home and give you energy savings, and a feeling of security, safe from break-ins.   So give us a call.
lowest possilbe prices

 Security Glass Block

  Lee & Debbie Giles / Owners