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What We Do

 For the past 25 years I have installed GLASS BLOCK WINDOWS... 

That's it.. I don't do roofs, siding, gutters, etc.

We just do  Glass Block Windows

FREE,  no-obligation estimates,  you talk to me directly..  Not a salesperson


Or just send me a photo and a general size.  I'll send your estimate to you the Same day!

 Then, You can decide on your own time, with no pressure. 


Thank you,

    Lee and Debbie Giles 






Family Owned and Operated


Large Wave Pattern
Large Glass Block Windows
Installed Glass Block Bathroom Window


In 2002' we built our own shop, and have expanded ever since. 

We are located close enough to service the Cincinnati, Dayton, 

Northern Kentucky, and all points East of Cincinnati.

Giving our customers in rural Ohio the same great service and low price

 as our customers in the Big cities!

Crime and energy costs

are everyone's concern and we can lower your energy bill while keeping your home

 and family safer from intruders

and at a very affordable price!

Glass Block Windows 

Are one of the greatest investments

you can make in your home. 






Family Owned/Operated

Lee & Debbie Giles


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