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Large Secure Storage Building
  1. Yes... Your new glass block windows are pre-fabricated ahead of time to fit your basement, bathroom, or garage.
  2. Yes... Your glass block windows can be made with a fresh air vent or a dryer vent already inside of the window.
  3. Yes... We install all year round, it is not a problem. We typically need approx. 30 degrees for a day time high, with light winds in the winter.
  4. Yes... We give you a totally free estimate, with no-obligation to buy.
  5. Yes... We can and do install around window wells, decks, and can install from just one side, when necessary.
  6. Yes... Basement windows below grade, typically in window wells are highly water resistant... not "water proof."
  7. Yes... We install bathroom glass block windows, They are the best choice for your bathroom, but most of the time they have to be "trimmed out" with tile or a material of your choice after we install the glass block bathroom window.
  8. Yes... Basement windows are what we install the most, and the reason are clear.. Security, The low price of glass block window, Energy savings,virtually maintenance free, no need for curtains, no more bugs, and Air-tight!
  9. Yes... There are different styles to choose from, and you can add a fresh air vent, or a dryer vent to a glass block window.
  10. Yes... Security Glass Block does remove and clean-up and take all old frames and windows from your property, after installing your new glass block.
  11. Yes... Security Glass Block stands behind it's work with a 25yr. transferable guarantee.
  12. No... We do not work in the rain, This creates a messy job inside and out, all work is "weather permitting"
  13. No... The glass blocks don't take a couple of days to install, In most cases installing glass block for you will be done in one day.
  14. No... There is no minimum number of windows you have to buy.




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